What Role Does The NDIS Play In Supported Independent Living?

NDIS Services Melbourne

The National Impairment Insurance Scheme, NDIS Services Melbourne aims to give persons with a permanent and severe disability more choice and control over their life. If one of your NDIS goals is to be able to live more independently, Challenge Supported Independent Living (SIL) may be the best option for you. For NDIS participants with Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding, Challenge provides contemporary shared houses in desirable neighborhoods with Support Workers on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continue reading to discover about five important SIL advantages:

Moving into your own apartment helps you to make more independent decisions and live the life you choose. However, what if you require assistance in order to live independently?

NDIS Services Melbourne

  • Challenge has skilled and qualified personnel that can assist you with:
  • Showering and dressing are examples of personal care.
  • Cooking, cleaning, gardening, and doing laundry are examples of everyday abilities.
  • Budgeting and household management assistance
  • Social and communication skills improvement
  • Overnight assistance (sleepover or active overnight)

When you live in SIL, you may enjoy independence when you want to, and someone will be there to help you if you need it. Of course, your family and friends are welcome to pay you a visit at any time.

One of the benefits of moving is the chance to broaden your social network. Challenge recognizes that living with others is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, so we make every effort to match you with other housemates who are your age and share your interests.

Kitchens, living rooms, laundry rooms, and outside gathering areas are common features in most shared houses. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to be sociable in your daily life if you share shared areas with other housemates.

A change of residence brings with it a plethora of options and new possibilities. Perhaps you’d want to live closer to where you work, where you go today programs, or where you go for amusement or recreation? This is a good time to think about what matters to you and what alternatives could make your life easier or more fulfilling.

supported independent living Melbourne

It is critical for everyone to strike a balance between freedom and safety. While you will share the common rooms of the house with the other residents, your new bedroom will be your own personal place. You will have the flexibility to arrange and decorate it as you see fit.

A minimum of one support person is on-site 24 hours a day to give assistance to the residents. Challenge personnel of supported independent living Melbourne are highly educated in reacting to crises and safeguarding the safety of house members, so you can relax knowing that help is on the way.

While you may be excited about your new house and freedom, you may also be concerned about being away from your family or caregiver. Everyone who moves out of their parents’ house requires time to build life skills and confidence.

Maac Care challenge personnel are there not just to assist you with practical chores, but also to listen to you, understand your priorities, and assist you in achieving your life objectives.