Top Question To Ask While Panel Beating- Read More

It can be difficult to remain calm when you face a collision of a car, but you must plan strategically and select the best Panel Beaters Altona North to repair your vehicle. You should definitely ask the appropriate questions if you want to prevent being ripped off or having poor work done on your car.

After all, you’re hiring a panel beater to fix and restore your pride and joy, so you should anticipate asking a few questions. Before you commit to the smash repair, don’t forget to ask the following five questions.

Do you use original parts?

Genuine components are more expensive upfront since they come with a lifetime warranty from the vehicle’s manufacturer and are manufactured to exact finish and fit criteria. A reputable panel beater will only work with them. Using random parts can cause damage to your vehicle’s safety and dependability.

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Which method do you choose for repair?

Inquire about how your panel beater determines the method of repairing your vehicle. This is a wonderful approach to evaluate their standards and see what procedures and professional way they use for the vehicle repair. When it comes to smashing repairs on your car, a panel beater’s method should be fully customised. If you’ve ever driven a sedan and an SUV,  you can differentiate how various vehicles differs For your smash repairs, don’t settle for anything less than a custom quote.

How much experience does your team have?

Inquire with your panel beater about their experience in the collision repair sector and whether they can help you deal with your insurer as smoothly as possible by guiding you through the claims process. If you hire a panel beater that has been in business for a long time, you won’t have to worry about bad smash repair techniques.

Do you offer a guarantee on repair?

On smash repairs, the majority of our competitors will only provide a limited guarantee. One of the ways you can get assured is by checking their work confidence. Inquiring about a lifetime guarantee is a proven approach to identifying a panel beater who will walk you through the process step by step. When it comes to smashing repairs, don’t settle for second best; seek treatment that is guaranteed to restore your vehicle’s condition and value.

Do you offer a replacement service in case of an accident?

Accidents can happen anytime unexpectedly hence it is important to ask whether the company offer a replacement service or not.


The service of your vehicle depends on the Panel Beater Laverton you hire so, make sure to spend money on the right professional panel beating company for the long-lasting guarantee. The vehicle is a valuable investment that needs to be maintained in good condition for a safer ride and secure future, consult the Smash Repairs Laverton in case of any smash or accidents. 

Feel free to share ideas and recommendations for selecting the right panel beating professionals in the comment box.