Quora For Business Marketing – The Main Advantages and Disadvantages

Social media platforms have turned out to be one of the most promising ways to reach out to potential clients on a broad basis. It is not limited to a platform where users can connect and chat with their old friends but a platform for global exposure. The most common social networking websites used for business purpose include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Quora among many others.

Quora is an open forum that supports discussions, debates, ideas and criticisms. It involves discussion on multiple topics related to diverse subjects. It has recently turned out to be one of the latest sensations to social marketing for business due to many reasons. It is one of the best traffic engaging website that can be also be used to monitor the traffic flow.

Adding a picture in support of answers and posts can really work to provide users with the best solutions to business marketing. What is more is that users can also know who their viewers are and can thus decide actions accordingly. All that users are required to do is set up their profile and start looking for relevant questions to answer. They can even add links to the answers, thus allowing users to promote their websites for free.

Today in this article we will go through the main benefits of using Quora for business marketing as well as its disadvantages for the same.


The most prominent advantages that come with using Quora to market any business include:

Being a free platform, it does not charge any money for its services.

All users are required to do is set up a free profile, arrange their accounts and get started. They can directly use it to promote business or use it to refer to external links and deviate traffic to their own page for free.

Users can participate in any open discussion taking place in the forum and share concepts and ideas.

Spreading brand awareness can never be easier when it comes to the advantages of Quora commenting and threading.

It is one of the most effective ways of communicating within a community as well as being an effective way to share the visions publicly.

Users are allowed to freely share their ideas and join in discussions on multiple traffics. They can track those discussions or state out what they want to say without any hindrance or barrier.

One of the best ways of generating traffic through storytelling and comment threading

Web design and development company Lilo have said storytelling and comment threading is one of the most successful ways that anyone can use to generate traffic. By sharing links and stories with other members from the forum.

Building online presence

Quora can be greatly helpful to develop an online presence and sustain contacts with influential people. It is a great way to get in touch with people and take inspirations from them.

Market research

It is one of the best tools that can be used to conduct free market research. This online community can offer great solutions to multiple issues based on joined interventions.

Disadvantages and mistakes:

The major mistakes that users commit often provide them with a disadvantageous setback. The most common ones include:

Self promotion can be a bad way to get marked

While you can promote any other person, idea or product, you cannot promote yourself too much. That not only leaves a negative impression but also has chances to get you voted down.

Without proper editing and formatting, everything is valueless.

Quora requires everything to be represented in the right setup for the best results. If it is not accessible, using the forum can be a bit tough task.

Answer collapse

Constant monitor and updates are required especially if users want to prevent answer blocks or prevent their answers from getting voted down.

It is one of the most common setbacks users face if they cannot provide fast reactions. This will also help the answer to get up votes and further engagements.

May not be appropriate for all businesses

Not all businesses support online marketing. It is necessary to identify if Quora is good for the business or may bring in bad impacts based on other users in the community.

May require additional resource

Often asks for additional resources including special training and skills to bring out the best results from social agency marketing.

Real time complaints and feedbacks

It is one of the worst effects that Quora or any online forum can bring for a business. Clients, customers and users can provide feedback in real-time and any negative response can deeply hamper the reputation of the business.

These are some of the bits about using Quora for marketing a business. The best way to know more is by setting up the profile and participating in activities to develop a fairer idea of how the system works.