Focus on these three things and your website will start ranking on SERP!


We all remember dreaming of creating a website and seeing it leap the wildest possible imaginations. The dream of having a personal website and seeing it see the fame is something that has gone popular in this digital age. And because almost all do dream and all do try, the space becomes limited and things become tough. Although the internet has opened ways to spread the wings and fly, the competition has gone tougher because the sky is all full of birds striving for height. This is why companies invest big sums to buy quality backlinks Australia, its SEO, web design, marketing, and whatnot! Perfectlinkbuilding Australia says that there is a reason why 91% of all websites never see single organic traffic in their lifetime. So, what to do to ensure that your website sees growth in the SERP ranking?

Things that impact SERP rankings keep on changing. It becomes necessary to stay updated to the guidelines to help a website rank.

Things to do to make a website rank in 2022!

Just as a tree demands different things with the change in time, a website demands differently too. The internet, especially around the search engine, has changed much since its advent. What you were required to do in 2010 is no more the requirement. The internet has grown. Search engines, like Google, have grown to be more powerful than ever. Just look at the latest MUM update. You miss a month’s update and you’ll feel like you have fallen back a decade, says PerfectLinkBuilding Australia. This is how it happens. But, even though the updates, some fundamentals remain the same. For example, you’ll have to always buy quality backlinks (Australia) to survive the growing needs of the internet.

So, here are the three things that you’ll need to focus on for years to come if you want to see your website grow in the future.

1 – Focus on the Web Design!

Rarely does anyone think that web design holds the ability to turn the table when it comes to SERP rankings. If had you asked this a decade ago if web design impacts a website’s rank, then the answer would have been a no. But then came the year 2021 when Google announced to the world that the website’s design will be brutally impacting the search rankings. If you have a bad design, be ready to face the grunt of the growing internet. John Mueller revealed the latest from Google’s spells – The Core Web Vitals. What are they? And how will they impact the ranking?

Core Web Vitals are a set of few factors that roam around the web design. If your website is excelling at these factors, your website will excel at the SERP too. The quality of backlinks are important, but web design is too. Here is a list of Core Web Vitals that along with other Web Vitals decide the overall Page Experience (PE).

  • Core Web Vitals – LCP, FID, CLS.
  • Other Web Vitals – Mobile Friendliness, Security and HTTPS, and Intrusive Interstitials.

LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint and basically checks how fast a website loads before the user. FID stands for First Input Delay and checks how much delay does the website show in taking the desired action when a user clicks on an action button. CLS stands for Cumulative Layout Shift and checks how quick the elements of a webpage adjust themselves. Perfectlinkbuilding Australia said that these factors come under the forte of web designers and developers. A website built using website builders will always be slow because of how website builders work. They are inefficient.

Mobile Friendliness checks if your website has a responsive design and loads perfectly on the mobile screens. This is a factor because now more people use the internet on mobiles than on PCs.

Security and HTTPS ensure that the user’s information stays secure and the user does not feel threatened while surfing a website. While Intrusive Interstitials checks if there are elements popping up to hinder the reading experience.

2 – The quality of your backlinks!

Yes. A decade earlier you might have tricked Google by using heaps of links pointing at your website. But it is no more. Google and other search engines take link building with dire care. Earlier when the internet was new, people were creating heaps of low-quality websites and then linking them to each other. This indicated to Google that the website is famous. It did not have the ability to judge the quality and relevance of websites linking to the core website back then. Many people took benefit of this loophole. But then came the Penguin Algorithm update. It changed the complete game, said the experts of PerfectLinkBuilding Australia. Just as it landed upon the digital lawns, cries of the fouls were heard. People were running in a stampede because of their dropped rankings.

Link Building is an important part of a website. It is a website’s core and is brutally tough to excel on in the right way. It is not going to go anywhere for a decade at least. Thus, if you want to rank higher in the highly competitive future, make sure that you invest in quality backlinks. If you are planning to buy quality backlinks, Australia has many quality companies. Here are some features you must look for while getting quality backlinks –

  • Links must have a high DA and PA scores to help you rank.
  • The backlinks you have must be in your own website’s niche.
  • Backlinks must be secure.
  • The authority of those websites must be higher than your own to pass the link juice.
  • Try getting links from the same country domain.

3 – The quality of SEO and the content!

Apart from investing in good quality backlinks, you also need to focus on SEO and the content. Google says that the internet has become a cesspool of low-quality content. People post millions of bad quality rubbish content in the present world in an urge to rank. It will never work. The present years are seeing a shift towards Page Experience, User Experience, and User Intent. If you are writing some content, make sure that you are taking care of your user. Do not write to rank for keywords, write to rank in the people’s hearts. And eventually, your content will be ranked higher.

RankBrain and BERT work on assessing the user queries and the context of the content. If you have written poor quality content, the user will exit within seconds. Google takes this Bounce Rate as a signal that you are not serving the purpose you are supposed to serve. And thus, it will drop your website’s ranking. So, Content is the king and you must bow before and revere the demands of this king.

Ensure these few things and you will ensure that your website will rank.

  • Try to focus on the Page Experience (PE) and User Experience (UX / UE) — Web Design.
  • Try to focus on the quality of backlinks. Always invest in good. Check when you buy quality backlinks in Australia, the company is an expert.
  • And try focusing on the quality of your content and SEO.

Perfectlinkbuilding Australia says that there is no shortcut for digital success. One has to follow the whitehat tactics to nurture and guide a website towards growth. Thus, focus on what is needed, and the rest will follow you.