Is Natural Link building any natural at all? — Link building services and guides!


Some say that Google is against link building; some say it is against only to some kinds. When it comes to link building, we all want to get as many links as we can, because the general theory is that the more the links the better. But it is not so! This used to be an age-old foul practice to trick Google. But then came the Penguin with whips on its wings and started whipping spam links. They say that links are important, but they should only be natural. What do people mean when they actually say the word natural? Many link building services Australia are offering genuine links. Are they bad if not natural? This article will give you a brief about it so you do not have to click here and there!

What is Natural Link Building?

If we go by the very simple logic of our mind, it implies those links that have formed naturally without any effort. Now, this ‘without any effort’ is a joke indeed. We all know how this link-building makes us lose weight, at least those familiar to SEO.

Natural Link Building is a way when you write a blog post or something, which others find to be of great value to them, and thus they link back to your website because you provide them value. Now, it is very nice to hear this kind of procedure, but rarely does it happen in real life.

The problem that lies with the natural link building is the way Google works. There are many great websites over the internet. If we would see them we won’t deny that they are of great value to us. So why won’t we link?

The problem is this paradox. For us to find valuable content on the internet and link back we first need to find that content. Now a content gets found by the public when it has good SEO and links alone. No one will see your greatness until Google thinks that you are great.

This is the very reason that many find Natural Link Building to be a beautiful phrase alone. But it is not so. Sometimes things fall our way and our content goes viral. This leads to a lot of natural links. But it is a rare happening and we can’t just depend on some random event.

At other times, people find your content great, use it, but do not link back. And so we get left to click here and there and ask to link back!

This is why many people go for link building services (Australia) for some help. It is not that paid links are bad, they are good when done the right way, it is just that these links are not natural. So what? Does Google deny it?

Ways to build natural links and other genuine links!

Though hard indeed, there are ways you can gain natural links without any help from link building services (Australia). But know that it will take some real effort, time, and consistency. Here we put few ways that you can enchant, memorize, and follow.

  • Write value and grace together – It is human tendency to inform others about the beauty we see somewhere. We fail to resist to not tell others about things that make us awe. Furthermore, the time to come is going to be of great quality content. A.I. would become thousands times better and would be able to understand the content and decide its value, just like some lord. We already are about to see an example of it as Google’s MUM update. If you think you can get away by using keywords in the article and not providing any value — think again! The good thing about content of great value is that people remember it for long and revisit to taste the fortune they had tasted before. Link building happens when you add value to the society.
  • Be consistent in your efforts – Ten full moons should not pass between your one article and the next. We say forget the full moon, not even a day shall pass. The good thing about greater blogs is that they keep providing great quality content as if it is their nature. Just like a sweet waterfall keeps on nourishing people around it without a stop, a good quality blog or website does the same. One good benefit of being consistent is that it keeps holding the reader. This makes the rivals crave for visitors and fall in thirst.
  • Ask blogs to guest post and link back – Many consider it as unnatural, but it is natural. There is nothing wrong in asking for some help if you are providing them the value too. No good blog publishes bad quality content. There must be some value in your content for them to post it. Many link building services (Australia) also support this form of link building.
  • Be social and use social media – There is no greater medium than social media to get a flow of visitors and links. Link building starts to bloom when one uses social media wisely and consistently. If you do not have any social media accounts, then we suggest you make across different platforms now and be consistent. Almost 60% of the world’s population has an online presence and you would not want to miss it.

These written above are some ways that can help your link building efforts to stay natural. If you find the natural way a little harder, then there are other ways to get links too. But one thing to make sure is that links should be of higher DA and PA score, otherwise the strategy backfires and you end up getting penalized by the search engines.

Other link building ways! – Services and more!

The best is to get help from link building services (Australia). These are the experts that use their wisdom and networking to help you gain quality links. Know that words of wisdom fall futile without a greater reach. Even in real life we need networking to go higher up the hierarchy. So look for one. It might cost you some amount in the beginning, but the benefits thereafter would be ceaseless. Consider it as an investment with a high ROI.

Other than this you might try guest posting on different websites. All the good websites out there charge high amounts for your blog to guest post and link back to your website.

Do not fall for cheap link building services. They do nothing but to harm your website furthermore by using spam links. These spam links get your website penalized and even banned from search servers at last. So do not believe it if you hear 50-100 backlinks immediately at cheap costs. They would get caught soon. Go for genuine link building services. Click here to know more about how SEO agencies help your website get to the top of the SERP and start earning you revenue.