Expand Your Career Options with a Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies

The often shortsighted view of vocational education is that it provides training solely for students who wish to enter traditional, mainstream occupations like business, management, or hospitality. However, vocational training covers a diverse range of subjects and skillsets, making it a lot more versatile than many people believe.

For this reason, Prestige Service Training continues to expand its line of qualifications to cater to a range of career choices. A Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies is just one example of their latest qualifications that also happens to be one of their most popular.

It’s easy to think that a course in crime and justice would only be suitable for those looking to enter the legal industry as a lawyer or solicitor. However, it paves the way for anybody interested in the criminal justice system, which is an industry that is supported by a range of skillsets and offers plenty of options for career seekers.

For example, a student choosing a Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies can open doors to the Queensland Police Service, corrective services, customs, youth justice, legal centres, security, and private investigation, to name just a few.

The Queensland police are expected to increase their numbers over the next five years, which is why this course is a timely addition to PSTs expanding and comprehensive lineup. Although the qualification has been developed in partnership with the Queensland Police, it is a nationally recognised course designed to prepare any Australian student considering entry into one of the many different careers available in crime and justice.

The course will be of immense benefit to students considering a career in this industry as it provides a detailed overview of the roles they will be expected to perform.

A growing police presence does not mean they will lower the standards for entry, so preparing for demanding selection criteria should be a primary focus for applicants. For students considering a career in the police force, successful completion of a Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies will ensure their applications stand out from the pack during a rigorous selection process.

Tracy Kearny, CEO and founder of PST, tells us that the course will provide students with a solid grounding in a range of transferable skills, including:

  • Identifying and applying the legal framework of evidence law
  • Skills in document preparation for court proceedings
  • The ability to research, analyse, and present information relevant to the criminal justice system

Developing these skills during their studies and successful graduation will provide students with a highly relevant qualification that will accelerate their entry into their preferred crime or justice-related profession.

Whether it’s due to the popular entertainment media like True Detective or CSI or the extensive coverage of the Crime and Justice industry in mainstream media, interest in crime and justice careers is on the rise. When you combine renewed interest with an expanding police force, the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies from PST is the perfect qualification to help Australia keep up with market demand.