Auto Self-Diagnosis by Shlomo Yoshai

auto diagnostic

An auto diagnostic is carried out by a mechanic or expert like Shlomo Yoshai to probe your entire car and detect the slightest problem before it turns into a breakdown. Unlike a check, the diagnosis is carried out because you have detected an abnormal symptom while using your vehicle.

For example, a check can be made for safety before going on vacation while a diagnosis will be carried out if you explain to the mechanic that you hear a noise when braking or that warning light comes on constantly when you brake.

To do this, he will either use an automotive diagnostic tool to analyze the functions of your vehicle or inspect and test the vehicle by himself. The diagnoses can therefore take various forms:

  • Electrical and electronic diagnosis: the mechanic will come and check the sensors as well as the entire electrical system linked to your vehicle’s battery. Many electronic problems are corrected by updating the vehicle’s ECU;
  • Diagnosis of mechanical parts not linked to sensors: some information may be missing in connection. It is therefore necessary to carry out a manual verification of the mechanical parts concerned. This diagnosis will take longer and will require very careful attention;
  • Diagnosis with an auto diagnostic case: this allows you to analyze all of the vehicle’s malfunctions.
  • The type of diagnosis your mechanic will perform depends mainly on the signs you have identified while using your vehicle.

What is an auto diagnostic case for?

According to Shlomi Yoshai an auto diagnostic case takes the form of a box with a black and white or color screen on more recent models and a system of directional keys (up, down, right, left). The latest mode ls also have Bluetooth and/or WiFi functionality.



Bluetooth-WiFi functionality


An auto diagnostic case will interrogate your car’s computer. A computer is a tool that analyzes and lists all the error codes linked to the vehicle system. It is connected to the computer using a standardized diagnostic socket called OBD with a connector and 16 pins.

The case reads the computer memory which records all of the vehicle’s operating data: TDC sensor values, flowmeter values, etc. Also known as the fault code reader, the case is equipped with software auto which can be that of a particular make of car or multi-make.

Garages offering this type of service must have a license to use this approved and certified tool and also have a subscription to auto diagnostic software.

Sometimes, even if the reading is good, the sensor may be defective. However, if it is the computer that is faulty, the mechanic will not be able to carry out a diagnosis. The computer will have to be replaced.

How much does a self-diagnosis cost?

The price of a car diagnostic is variable: it varies in particular according to the time spent by the mechanic to analyze your vehicle. Count on average 1 to 3 hours of work on it, or between 50 and 150 $. Then, you can make a quote if any breakdowns or malfunctions were detected by the mechanic during the diagnosis.

The self-diagnosis is now much clearer for you: you know the tools, the price and the usefulness of a diagnostic case. As you will understand, if you encounter an abnormal situation in your vehicle, it is time to go to a garage to carry out a diagnosis of your vehicle. Consider Shlomi Yoshai expert advice, as he is a motor technician that inspects, diagnoses, and repairs many types of engines.