For decades, millions of people all across the world have adored vinyl record stores in Adelaide.

Vinyl’s incomparable uniqueness, as well as its nostalgia, has recently fueled a massive increase in sales. In 2017, 4.1 million recordings were purchased, the highest annual total in 26 years.

Is Vinyl Record Stores In Adelaide Better Than MP3?

1. Vinyl improves your musical taste.

Let’s play a game, shall we? 

Try to find One Direction’s Made in the A.M. at your local record store, which sold 2,400,000 copies in 2015. Nothing?

Okay, give it another shot. Check through Justin Bieber’s discography to see what you can find. Nope? 

Now, see if you can come up with anything by Pink Floyd. What’s that, an entire shelf’s worth? Why do you believe that is the case?

People who enjoy vinyl are notoriously fussy when it comes to what they listen to.

They aren’t fans of breezy, mass-produced music. They listen to bands who are artistically honest, and they write and play their own songs and instruments. They have a good ear for production and listen to outstanding songwriters. 

Bands that match those requirements can be found in record stores. When you only listen to vinyl, you automatically resolve to avoid One Direction and Justin Bieber at all costs.

2. Purchasing Records Is An Exciting Experience

Purchasing records from vinyl record stores in Adelaide has a certain allure. It’s the kind of thing that went forgotten in the iTunes and Spotify era. It’s the kind of thing where you can lose track of time looking for music.

You take chances and spend money on albums you don’t know if they’re worth it or not. You strike up conversations with strangers, solicit their ideas and suggestions, and eventually form friendships.

It’s a lot more sociable than any app or online music store could ever be.

3. Vinyl Has a Better Sound

Vinyl has always sounded better than MP3s.

The majority of music is broadcast in a lossy format, which means that details are lost and the overall quality suffers. It occurs because audio files are compressed in order to make them small enough to store thousands of them on a phone and stream them online. 

You can’t get the entire picture of that track if you listen to it on a streaming service like Apple Music, or if you prefer MP3s or even the radio. Vinyl is significantly superior in terms of quality. When you press a record, no audio data is lost. It sounds just how the producer or band intended it to.

Another reason why vinyl is preferable to lossy digital formats is that it is significantly superior. For the most part, vinyl stayed out of the ‘loudness fight.’ It’s now easy to make a track sound louder than it should be because to the growth of digital music (CDs included). 

The issue is that it had a significant impact on the audio quality. It made music sound distorted and unpleasant, and it took away its depth and substance. Because vinyl is an analogue format, it is susceptible to the same issues.

4. You Have the Potential to Make Money

When you purchase an MP3 on iTunes, you do not actually own that MP3. It is just licenced. But what about vinyl? That, however, is a completely different storey. Because vinyl preserves its purchase value and even increases in value, there is a large community of people who buy, collect, and resell it. 

You’re not just buying an album when you buy a record from vinyl record stores in Adelaide. You’re creating an investment that you can sell or pass down to your offspring in the future. The process is made considerably easier by some apps and websites.


Vinyl is an ancient technology that has stayed basically unchanged over the last three decades. But that’s because it’s the closest thing to the ideal device for music listening. People love to explore and buy record collections from vinyl record stores in Adelaide.