What Happens to the Skip Bins Waste? The Complete Guide!

Skip bins Adelaide

Did you know “Australian government reported almost 67 million metric tonnes of waste lately?” (That’s probably 2.7 tonnes per person)

Out of these figures, only 13.8 were from household and municipal waste. Depending on the type of rubbish, each goes through variant processes.

Some common processes handle your waste form the Skip Bins Adelaide.

This includes:

  • Material upturn
  • Container dump and drop-offs
  • Optional waste technology
  • Landfills
  • Processing operations

Whenever you hire a bin service, your waste material either goes through material recovery or to the landfills. It all depends on which type of rubbish you are putting inside the skip bins.

Skip bins Adelaide

There are 4 types of fates of rubbish:

  1. Disposal
  2. Recycle
  3. Recovery
  4. Storage

We will discuss this one by one.


Disposal is easy yet impactful. It involves dumping rubbish into the landfills; however, no everything dumped at the landfills is disposable. Almost 40% of the core waste goes to landfills and for the disposal, the rest stays on landfills.

The continuous decomposition at the landfills generates methane gas. The methane gas is used for electrical generation among everything else. But, it’s often left there for entering into the atmosphere.

A reliable professional for Skip bins Adelaide will take your skip bin rubbish to the landfill, the waste recovery process will initiate, the waste will be recycled, and reused.


The recovery facilities handle recyclable rubbish. Normal house rubbish includes plastics, metals, glass, E-waste, and white goods. All these things are recyclable. However, some people throw some materials that can’t be recycled which includes dead animals, foam, nappies, takeaway coffee cups, bubble wrap, etc. This makes the recycling process difficult.

The recovery facility takes all the recyclable and combines them into mounds of raw material. Once the processing is done, you can see the bales of raw by-product. Further, the raw material is crushed and used for industrial use.

Both recovery and storage processes are included in the recycling process. Both of these are performed by experts. Even if the rubbish has passed the disposal, there could still be impurities that prevent some of the material from recycling. Besides, some of the recyclable things are non-recyclable after use such as disposable glasses, plates, etc.

That’s why recycling household rubbish is crucial as many things can be reused instead of ruining the mama-earth.

Why should you hire only the Licensed Professionals for Skip Bin Adelaide?

Of course, rubbish recycling and disposal aren’t what anybody can do. It requires proper training and knowledge to figure out which materials are recyclable and which are not. Also, if a naive person takes responsibility to recycle the household rubbish, the chances of ruining the recycle machine are pretty high. Moreover, using recycled things that may have harmful components isn’t safe for anybody.  That’s why you should always go for professional Skip bins hire Adelaide.

Now that you have known how your one smart move of hiring a skip bin facility change the entire world, why not hire one today?