What about Car Rental during COVID 19?

Car rental Deals Melbourne Airport

As we all know COVID 19 has affected most of the countries and cases of it are increasing rapidly, it has become crucial to know about rental cars. Various companies are providing car rental deals Melbourne Airport by paying attention to your safety from the virus. But what are the things you should make a note of before going for booking a ride?

You will find it out right now!

  1. Don’t go for Prepaid Rides

Avoid going for prepaid car rides as many countries are going for complete lockdowns. People are quarantining themselves for social distancing and avoid getting any near to contaminated places or people. You might block your money with prepaid rides if the country goes in complete lockdown. So don’t pay in advance.

  1. Sanitise

Most of the car rental companies are taking care of the hygiene, but to be double sure, sanitising the seats before sitting on it is the right move. You can wear gloves as it might not be possible for you to sanitise the car window or door. The interior could be infected or contain a virus, so keep a sanitising spray bottle with you and apply it all over the interior where you are about to touch and sit.

  1. Miss the Counter

Avoid standing in line. However, there are not many people when it comes to taking a rental car, but even if there are any, skip standing in a queue. There are many line-skip facilities provided by car rental deals at Melbourne airport. You can seek for some of these and avoid standing near to an infected person. This is the safest way to stay safe in such pandemic and help everyone near you or in your family to stay safe. It is now a crucial time to protect you from coronavirus as it is at its peak to infect people even with strong immunity. So stay safe by skipping the counter!

  1. Bring a Personal Toll Transponder

Even during normal times, it is suggested to bring your transponder. It prevents you from renting an expensive car from the rental company. But during a pandemic, it is useful to bring your transponder so that you can avoid interaction with toll attendants who might easily transmit the virus to you as he or she comes in contact with numerous motorists.

  1. COVID 19 Policies at Some Companies

Car rental companies have shared their COVID 19 policies as below:

  • Extend in the existing free cancellation policy, which allows the customers to contact directly the service provider. Even if they are booking a ride through third-part, they can contact the main service provider directly.
  • Change your reservation without paying any fee
  • Customers who have pre-paid their rentals car booking before March 13th can cancel the booking and use the balance anytime within 24 months.
  • If you have booked your ride for most affected areas by coronavirus or the restricted areas such as Italy or the USA, you can cancel your ride for free or rebook it after the pandemic is over.

So stay safe with the above instructions and tips when going for car rental deals Melbourne Airport!