Trending Engagement Rings You Could Ever Wish for!

engagement rings

You might be aware of the famous saying, nothing can stop love! Well! It’s true as the engagement season is still on and when it comes to the trending engagement rings, the couples are becoming more creative while they are doing the ring shopping. As engagement is a spectacular moment in a couple’s life, it would need precious things to make it more memorable. You could look for unique engagement rings that can be custom-made by safely visiting your favourite jeweller or by checking out their collections online. However, take a look at the various engagement trends of the day.

Band Style Rings: The wedding trends keep changing every time as do the jewellery designs. Band-style engagement rings are in trend now when compared to that of a single stone engagement ring. It serves as an engagement band and ring at the same time.

Classic Ring with Modern Twist: As virtual ring shopping is on the rise, a return to the classic style of rings is in demand. More people prefer to play it safe by opting for the classic styles as they are unable to personally visit the jeweller to try out the rings. Rings like 3 stone rings or solitaire are trending.

Old European Cuts-Heirloom Inspired: Engagement shoppers are now considering family traditions and legacy as they look up for the right option of rings that feel just like an heirloom. This thought comes as the couple might think of the ring as an heirloom for future generations as they begin their families.

Petite Side Stones: Three stone rings were on the rise as is getting a bit scaled back. Smaller side stones are becoming trendier. More couples opt for petite side stones that are more delicate and modern on the classic three-stone ring.

Emeralds: Yes, Emeralds are back to stay. They are one of the most popular alternatives to a diamond engagement ring. Emerald gemstone ring is a classic and timeless stone that offers a pop of colour and gives an elegant look without a heavy price tag.

Alternative Metals and Gemstones: Another way couples make the special piece of jewellery unique is by opting for gemstones as alternatives to diamond engagement rings and choosing unexpected metals. Colourful gemstones on oval and classic shapes and modern geometric shapes are appealing to most couples as an alternative to diamond rings. It would be a great idea to own something that no one else owns!

Yellow Gold: This is a popular piece of jewellery across all divisions that is making its way into the bridal sector. Women pick their engagement rings; the most prized possessions, in yellow gold over the popular classic and platinum or white gold. Yellow gold is indeed a colour that would complement well with everyday jewellery style and would be an add-on to the personal collections.

These were just glimpses of the current trends of engagement rings. Custom-made rings are always an option if you need something unique and special and don’t have any budget constraints. Now, which of these trendiest rings would you opt for?