7 Tips to Finding the Perfect Hardwood Dining Table

Dining spaces have witnessed many happy memories, from sharing meals with family to having friends over for a dinner party. Nowadays, the dining room is where all of the best communal bonding occurs. Choosing the right hardwood dining table for your style and needs allows you to create the best room for you and your family to use. If you’re looking for a new dining table, it’s important to find one that will last for years, not just a few weeks or months. In this blog article, seven tips are given for making such an important decision.

1 Locate a wood type

The type of wood you choose is one of the most important factors in buying a dining table. This is because your dining table will be around for a long time, so you must consider the longevity of your purchase. You also need to consider how easily the wood will stain or fade over time. You should avoid getting a table with lacquer, paint, or other finishes because these are easily chipped and marked up and can be aesthetically unappealing over time.

2 Consider the size of your dining area.

The dining room is the perfect place to eat, talk, and relax with family. Therefore, you must find the perfect place for your dining table. When shopping for a table set, budget, style, size, and material, there are many factors to consider. You should also think about how many people will be visiting your home at any given time. As a rule of thumb, tables should be 62 inches long or less to seat four people.

3 Shop online or at a store

It is best to shop for one online when choosing a hardwood dining table. You can find the best deals and find the perfect table. You should also make sure that you choose a store that specializes in dining tables to get the most specific information about the table.

hardwood dining table

4 Evaluate the wood quality

There is much to consider when choosing a new dining table: You need to determine the type of wood you want. You will find that hardwood and oak are the most popular options. Evaluate the quality of the wood. The best quality wood will have fewer imperfections, such as knots and cracks. Consider how durable the tabletop is, along with its ease of maintenance.

5 Determine the height and length you want

The first thing you should do when purchasing a dining table is to determine the dimensions. You also need to determine what size of table you want. If you know the size and height of the table, you can buy different chairs that will fit in your space.

6 Measure your space and make sure it meets the table dimensions

When it comes to buying a dining table, size is quite important. Some tables can seat six people, small round tables, and even large square tables! However, you should measure the space in the room you will use the table before purchasing it. Make sure the dimensions of your table will work for your room before making a purchase.

7 Maximize space by adding a leaf

Buying a dining room table is a large purchase, so it’s important to be thorough in your research. Typically, tables come with one or two leaves that can be removed when not needed. The most space-efficient option is to purchase a table and then add a leaf later if you need more space. This will keep the cost of the additional leaves low.

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