This is How You Can Select the Best Wall Paint Colour for Office

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Have you noticed a few of your staff remain idle or seems unproductive for most of the time? You might have. What could be the reason behind their sudden mood shifts? Have you ever wondered? The reason could be your pathetic workplace interior. Call Painters South Yarra will help you renovate the place like never before.  

With the help of professional Painters St Kilda, you can literally change the place to the most amazing one that every employee would like to come there, work productively, and remain attentive the whole time.  

As one of the best Commercial painters Melbourne, we are sharing a few most considerable tips & tricks to help you select the best wall paint colour for your office structure.

Here we go.

  •       Consider the space purpose

There are some of the colours that fit the others and a few are not matched with the place. It is necessary to understand the tone of the place like white and grey colours are most likely to use for the offices and banks. Whereas, retail offices look bolder that will impact the shoppers like various colours such as red and orange.

  •       Look into the natural light

Definitely, the light of the place can impact the paint colour choices. If your room has no natural light then you should go for lighter tones. Even, it is important to consider how light will impact the whole look.

  •       Include how colours impact

You can easily determine the colour that will suit your office at most with the help of feng shui, which indicates that colours have a direct impact on visitors and workers. When you select blue or black colour, it will represent the inner work and help people to concentrate on work. Red colour supports life energy and green is for growth.

  •       Don’t forget to consider space

Make sure to cover the whole area where you want to paint colours in your office. Also, you can segments areas based on departments like for the HR department, you would like the wall colour to be vibrant or decent than other areas. Same way, if there is any creative department, choosing something creative for walls will help them stay positive and creative. For the corridor, you should choose dark colours with some motivated slogans or graffiti.

  •       How about the size of the place?

Is your company large, medium, or small? How many staff work from your office? These things have a direct connection to how much efforts you should give to the whole program of wall painting. If you have a limited area to add creativity, then select lighter tones. On the other hand, if you have enough space that you can be more productive with then select dark colours.

If this guide or combinations are still not enough, it’s better to ask for suggestions from Painters South Yarra that will help you with the whole process of office wall painting.