Things To Consider When Choosing A Conveyancer

conveyancing Melbourne

You’ve found the home of your dreams, and you’re ready to put in an offer. But while you may know a lot about the property itself and what kind of renovations might be required, there’s another key player involved in this process that many people forget about: a conveyancer. So what is a conveyancing Melbourne? And how can you make sure yours is doing the job right?

Check Their Regulatory Status

The first thing you should do is check the conveyancer’s regulatory status. This will tell you whether they are registered with one of the government-approved bodies that regulate the industry in your state or territory.

If so, then they should be able to provide you with their licence number and contact information for any complaints against them. A conveyancing Melbourne is a legal professional who handles the purchase of real estate on behalf of the buyer. They will be responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and legally, from verifying the property’s title to making sure all necessary signatures are in place.

Check Their Credentials

When choosing conveyancing Melbourne to act on your behalf, it’s important to ensure they have the right qualifications.

This includes asking whether they are members of any professional bodies and making sure they hold the relevant qualification for the type of work you will be engaging them to do.

conveyancing Melbourne

Local Knowledge Could Play A Role

It’s important to consider whether a conveyancer is familiar with the local area when choosing one. A conveyancer has to deal with property transactions in the same way as an estate agent, but they don’t have quite the same type of information about your specific property.

Some areas will have special considerations that you might want your conveyancer to be aware of before proceeding with any purchase or sale. These include:

Buying or selling a rural property (not necessarily just farmland)

Buying or selling a residential property in an area undergoing gentrification (e.g., North London)

Buying or selling a residential property in an area with high proportions of elderly residents

Exceptional Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of conveyancing. In fact, if you choose a conveyancer who lacks exceptional communication skills and fails to keep clients updated with progress on their case, it could cause problems further down the line.

Conveyancing Melbourne is well aware of this fact. Therefore, they have implemented various ways in which they can communicate with their clients and make sure that they stay informed. The most common methods are email, phone calls (or even text messages) if needed.

It’s also worth noting that some conveyancers might provide an “in-person” meeting option where the client will complete part of their application in person rather than over the phone or via Skype etc., depending on what type of property transaction you’re involved in (i.e., buying/selling).


When it comes to choosing a conveyancing firm, it is important to know what you are looking for in terms of their service and experience. You will want to ensure that the firm has a good reputation in its local area, as well as the ability to handle your case from start to finish. If this sounds like something you can benefit from, then please feel free to get in contact with us today so we can discuss it further!