The Best 5 Australian News Website to Follow


As the number of people using smart devices and tablets to access news is increasing, it’s important for online media companies (OMCs) to understand how best to reach consumers on these new platforms. According to a report by MediaFinder, in 2013 there were more than 2 billion active internet users worldwide and this figure is expected to rise up to 3.4 billion by 2018. This means that around 55% of the world will be “connected” and majority of them will be accessing news from the comfort of their homes.

The Google News Lab research team has come out with an informative series exploring how we can use data from their products, such as Trends and Public Data Explorer, in order to better inform engagement strategies for OMCs who publish content across multiple digital channels. In this article, we’ll introduce the top five Australian news websites based on user engagement.

News Australia

As the name suggests, ‘News Australia’ is an Australian news website.  It covers all the latest news, sports, business, finance, lifestyle and entertainment news.

ABC Australia

This is one of the most trusted source of world news, national and local news in Australia. Their biggest selling point is the company’s independent, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of all the latest news in politics, sports and weather. It’s actually the best places where you can get all your latest news.

Australian Breaking news

Australian Breaking News is a trusted source of Sydney, Australian and World news. Covering all the latest concerns in sports, technology, entertainment and lifestyle. The site was marked as the most popular and great source of information for Australian Digital Park.

Sydey Morning Herald

This blog brings the latest news in Sydney and other parts of the country. It also brings all the latest politics, entertainment and upcoming in the world. If you want to catch up with the latest news in health, sports and analytics, then this is the best website for you. Some of their latest news includes sports, film, food, TV schedule and documentaries. You can as well listen to their Radio through the website.

SBS Australia

This website is an Australian Multicultural and multilingual broadcaster. In the Country, they bring all the latest news in entertainment, documentary, film, food, radio, sports and news. It’s for everyone that wants to get first-hand information in the country.

There are several other websites where you can get first hand and breaking news in Australia. Catch up political news, health and lifestyle news, local and international upcoming news and several other news from the top five websites and news blogs stated above.