Pro Design Things You Should Plan Before The Bathroom Renovation


A bathroom renovation involves various processes, which can or may not take time (depending on the service delivery of the hired professionals). Normally, people overlook the design and pay more attention to the cost, duration, and material, which is good. But, overlooking the design can ruin your interior. That’s why we are here with some amazing design plan that you should make before even starting the Bathroom Renovations Glen Waverley.

Let’s get started!

  • Fresh Air

Bathrooms are prone to get mould and mildew as the area is damp most of the time. Design your bathroom in such a way that there are more than one dry-out method. For say, you can crack open the window while bathing to decrease the chances of mildew and will give you a fresh and crisp feel.

  • Sink Height    

Many of us don’t think of sink height as an important factor, but it is. It shouldn’t be too short or too tall. Medium height is suitable for persons of any height. Inappropriate sink height can cause back pain, which further may lead to various issues. Also, having a moderate height sink is helpful when you are doing your daily chores.

  • Amazing Lighting

Lighting fixtures are crucial parts of a bathroom. The type, design, and style of lighting can make a big difference. Whether you want a vintage, modern, or luxury look, lighting can help you achieve it. Just decide the appearance for your bathroom, pick the matching lightings and you are good to go.

  • A tiny bathtub

Most of us have this misconception that a bathtub looks and fits in big bathrooms, right? Wrong! Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can fix a bathtub. You can find a huge variety of bathtub and its size out there. Just pick the one that will fit inside your bathroom and enjoy bathing with a fine wine glass in your hand.

  • Corner Sink

You can add a trendy element in your bathroom with a tiny corner sink. It will provide a spacious look and will help to traffic control inside your bathroom. So choose the right colour of your corner sink so that it blends perfectly with other elements.

  • Decor Planning

For the perfect bathroom vibes, consulting professionals is a no brainer. You can share your ideas and plans with them and they might improve them with quick and trendy solutions. Also, they will implement the plans by measuring the exact size and how much space is it going to take. They will consider each element and will discard the unnecessary ones.

All the above elements play a unique role in making your bathroom complete and collaborated. For better understanding and results, contact the leading Bathroom renovations Surrey Hills.