Preserving the Shine: Timber Floor Protection in Melbourne

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Timber floors exude warmth and charm, making them a popular choice for homes in Melbourne. However, ensuring their longevity and beauty requires proactive measures, especially when it comes to protecting them from the potential damage caused by furniture. In this guide, we’ll explore practical and friendly tips on how to preserve the shine of your timber floors through effective Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne.

1. Start with Felt Pads for Furniture Feet

– Why Felt Pads?

Furniture legs can scratch and dent timber floors over time. Attaching felt pads to the feet of your furniture provides a soft buffer, preventing direct contact between the floor and the furniture.

– Easy Application:

  • Clean the Furniture Feet: Ensure the feet of your furniture are clean and dry.
  • Choose the Right Size: Select felt pads that match the size of your furniture feet.
  • Secure Adhesive Side: Peel off the adhesive side of the felt pad and firmly attach it to the furniture foot.

– Regular Check-ups:

Periodically inspect and replace felt pads as they may wear out over time. This simple step goes a long way in timber floor protection.

2. Lift, Don’t Drag: Proper Furniture Moving Techniques

– Why Lifting Matters?

Dragging heavy furniture across timber floors can lead to scratches and damages. Adopting proper lifting techniques ensures the protection of your beautiful floors.

– Team Effort:

Enlist help when moving heavy furniture. Distribute the weight evenly among lifters to avoid putting excessive pressure on one area of the floor.

– Use Furniture Sliders:

Invest in furniture sliders, especially for larger pieces. These convenient tools minimize friction between the furniture and the floor, making movement smoother and safer.

3. Area Rugs: Stylish Protection for Timber Floors

– Functional and Fashionable:

Area rugs not only add style to your space but also act as an effective barrier between furniture and your timber floors.

– Proper Placement:

  • Choose the Right Size: Ensure the rug is large enough for all furniture to sit comfortably on it.
  • Secure the Edges: Use rug grippers or double-sided tape to secure the edges of the rug, preventing it from sliding.

– Regular Cleaning:

Dirt and debris trapped under rugs can still cause damage. Regularly clean and vacuum both the rug and the floor beneath to maintain timber floor hygiene.

4. Temperature and Humidity Control

– Why Climate Matters:

Timber floors are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Maintaining a stable indoor climate is key to preventing warping, shrinking, or expanding.

– Use Humidity Controls:

Invest in a dehumidifier to control excess humidity, especially during humid Melbourne summers. Conversely, during drier months, consider using a humidifier to maintain optimal moisture levels.

– Avoid Extreme Temperatures:

Avoid exposing timber floors to extreme temperatures. Use rugs or curtains to shield the floors from direct sunlight, preventing discoloration and heat-related damages.


Preserving the shine of your timber floors doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By adopting simple and practical timber floor protection measures in Melbourne, you can ensure your floors stay beautiful for years to come. From felt pads to proper lifting techniques, each step contributes to maintaining the pristine condition of your timber floors. Have additional tips or experiences to share? Leave a comment below and let’s build a community of timber floor enthusiasts committed to keeping their floors in top-notch condition.