Know Whether to Rent or Buy Industrial Generator

Diesel Generators

Generators are a vital part of the industry nowadays whether it is small or big, it is a great source of power backup to continue heavy industrial and domestic work without interruption. There are wide varieties of generators launched in the market with various innovative features. Usually, portable generators last up to 10 to 20 years depending upon the quality of the engine. While the models like 10 Kva Diesel Generator can be best for the temporary operation. But generators are expensive so if you are not willing to spend a big amount of money on generators. The best option is to rent a good quality generator whenever you need it occasionally. Though if you are a business owner, then you might invest in a generator.

This blog is all about the comparison of the pros and cons of renting and buying generators to give you a clear idea of what fits into your requirement.

Renting a generator:

  1. It is available at a lower cost as compared to buying. Hence It is cheaper than buying a generator, the rental company handles everything from installation and maintenance so, you don’t need to worry about it.  Experts get the generator fixed if any issue arises.
  2. No installation and maintenance is required. It provides limited downtime risk, so renting a generator is perfect if you just want it for oiling or mining purposes for a particular period of time.
  3. It offers the option of choosing Generator size. You don’t have to worry about transportation and other work, the rental Company covers everything.
  4. It Offers customization of generator features based on the requirement. You can ask Rental Company to configure the generator according to your industrial task.

Buying a generator:

  1. You get complete ownership of the generator. You are the owner of the generator and you are not bound by the rules of any rental company.
  2. You can control power availability and other customizations. You can use a generator at your convenience whenever you want.
  3. It requires Timely maintenance and repair costs. You need to handle installation, maintenance, and repair cost to preserve the performance of the generator.
  4. It requires professional experts to operate and maintain so, if any issue arises, you might need a professional expert always in your team in case of emergency issues.

For long-term use, purchasing a generator is the best option, while if you only need it for a short period of time for any event or occasion, renting is the most suitable option as you don’t need to stress about the maintenance and other risks. The rental company handles all the maintenance and damage if any occurred during the rental period.

Final thoughts:  By reading our blog, you might have got a clear picture what are the pros and cons of buying and renting generators. If your business is located at a location where there is a problem with power cuts and supply, then you might get the new generator if you can afford to stop the industrial work. You can take advice from other business owners and colleagues about the brand of Diesel Generators they are using.  It’s better, to begin with calculating the rental cost and purchasing cost and choose the best reliable option according to your requirement.