Know how CPR can be a lifesaver with these tricks

Emergency always comes unexpectedly, it becomes challenging if serious conditions arise during any special occasion. It’s important to have knowledge of basic first things so, that it can turn out to be helpful in an emergency. CPR is one of the life-saving first techniques that can save anyone from the dead. In medical terms, CPR refers to cardiopulmonary resuscitation that facilitates blood flow to the brain, heart, and other parts of the body.

In many medical colleges, CPR is considered an important part of the syllabus. There are many online videos available that teach CPR course Brisbane effectively at free of cost. It’s advisable to start the CPR technique immediately if you found any person lying unconscious anywhere with stopped breathing. The sooner you start CPR, the more the possibility of survival.

Steps of CPR:

1)      Lay a person on the back on a flat surface.

2)      Position both hands with interlocked fingers above the person’s chest.

3)      Proceed with chest compression.

4)      Open the shirt buttons and belt to avoid suffocation to a person.

5)      Open the mouth and provide rescue breathing if needed.

6)      Observe the chest fall.

7)      Repeat CPR procedure until the person’s heart starts beating again.

CPR course Brisbane

Why you should learn CPR?

According to the survey, heart disease is the leading cause of death because the majority of people die because of heart failure and lack of oxygen and CPR.

Many people have the mindset that CPR can only be performed under medical supervision but it’s wrong. CPR is easy and anyone from a non-medical background can learn to help in an emergency situation.

CPR helps in preventing brain death. Brain death usually occurs within 5 to 6 mins of a stopped heartbeat.

CPR makes you confident and smarter, you will feel good when you helped any loved ones in saving a life.

The majority of cardiac attacks happen at home, medical experts take time to reach your location. If you know the CPR method, you can save your loved one in emergency situations.

CPR classes are free of cost and include fun while learning. CPR training Brisbane offers hands-on practice for CPR and provides necessary certification for cardiac practice.

CPR benefits in various ways, whether you are at the workplace or home, you can help anyone when any emergency situation or cardiac attack arises. The CPR method is proved to reduce the recovery time of a person after a cardiac attack. People with age that have high-cholesterol or sugar level are more prone to cardiac arrest.  Ultimately there is no loss in learning CPR, it is definitely going to help you in some way throughout the entire life. According to research, CPR saved the majority of people’s life before reaching the hospital.  Hence, CPR has turned out to be a lifesaver for many of the families and helped them to save medical bills.

Bottom Line:

Hope you loved reading our blog and found our detailed information useful. It’s never too late to learn the CPR method so, go for CPR course Brisbane today. Share your views and comments below in the comment box.