How to select the right vintage t shirts?

If you’re on the hunt for a cool vintage t shirt, it might seem easy enough to just pick up the first one that catches your eye. Unfortunately, choosing your retro tee isn’t quite this simple. There are many different styles of vintage t shirts, and knowing what makes each unique is essential if you want to select a shirt that really works for your style. In this post, we’ll discuss five different types of vintage tees and give you some helpful tips for finding the best one!

The Most Popular Styles

The most popular styles of vintage t-shirts are the graphic tee, slogan tee, band tee and retro tee. Each of these styles has a different way of printing their designs onto the t-shirt and they can be differentiated by looking at the design or print on top of the shirt.

The graphic tee is a plain white or black shirt with a print on it rather than any colouring. This can include things like comic characters, band logos or other images that you might find interesting. The slogan tees are often very simple in design with just one line across them saying something about how great you are! These usually come in bright colours but sometimes have an extra twist on them such as having an image printed on them too!

Colourful Screens

Now, when you go to the store, you are going to look for a t-shirt with good design and quality. The first thing that you should do is check out the design of the shirt. The t-shirt should have a clear and not faded design so that it can give off a good impression when worn on. It is also important to check out if the color of the design is perfect; this will make sure that your clothes look great when paired together or with other accessories in your closet. Moreover, make sure that there are no stains or tears on them as well before buying one!

The second thing which we need to focus on is its size and condition because these types of things play an important role in making sure that our wardrobe looks nice at all times so keep this point in mind too!

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The Right Size

  • Size chart

Before you can buy a vintage t-shirt, you need to find the right size for your body. The best way to do this is by using a size chart from the manufacturer. If there isn’t one, then check the fit and make sure it feels good on you before purchasing it.

  • Fit

The second thing you need to consider when selecting an outfit is how well it fits your body type and preferences. For example, if you have broader shoulders but smaller arms or legs compared to most people with those same shoulder measurements then it might be better off buying something fitted instead of loose fitting because loose clothing tends not too look very flattering on certain types of figures (such as tall people).

The Quality of Vintage T Shirts

To be sure, there are many companies that make vintage t shirts. Some of them are good, and others are not. Tagging on a label saying “100% cotton” is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your shirt is made from high-quality materials.

The best vintage t shirts are made from cotton, or a cotton blend. Cotton (or its blended counterpart) is breathable and comfortable to wear during all seasons of the year—not just summertime! Moisture wicking properties in these fabrics also keep you dry so you don’t have to worry about sweating through your shirt when you’re outside enjoying the sun!

Brand Names

Brand names are important. They can be a good indicator of quality, size, colour and style. When looking at a vintage t shirt with an unknown brand it can be difficult to judge whether or not it will fit you properly. You need to make sure that the item is the right size for you and that the design will suit your tastes and body type.

  • If you are unsure of what brands were popular when the item was first produced, try looking on Google or other search engines to find out more about them.
  • Good quality brands will often have more than one listing on eBay so it might be worth checking these out as well before choosing one in particular that seems like it might suit you best!

Finding the best retro t shirts is a matter of knowing what to look for

Finding the best retro t shirts is a matter of knowing what to look for. When you’re shopping for vintage t-shirts, it’s important to know your size and the quality of the shirts. That way, you can find shirts that fit well and don’t shrink too much when you wash them. You should also be able to tell if a T-shirt has been worn or if it’s new, so that way you can avoid buying something that’s been sitting around for years without being worn by anyone else (which means they might not be in good condition).

You should also know what brand names are available if you’re looking for an authentic retro feel in your wardrobe. One popular brand name is Hanes; but there are other great ones out there too!

The style of any t-shirts is another key factor – especially when shopping online because this type of clothing tends not to have tags attached so finding those details online can be difficult sometimes.


If you are in the market for great vintage t shirts, now is a good time to shop. Whether you prefer retro graphics or the more modern look of graphic tees, there is no shortage of choices out there. However, if you want to make sure that your purchase will last through many different types of wear and tear then it pays off big time when buying quality vintage t-shirts.