How to Save Money While Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Wedding?

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Wedding season is right around the corner, and before you book that last dress, venue, and florist you check out, you might want to take a look at your budget. How much are you willing to spend on flowers? Will it be worth it? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend on your wedding flowers.

But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what goes into your wedding bouquet, bridesmaids’ dresses, or mother of the bride outfit. In fact, creating a gorgeous wedding bouquet and decorations that match your guests’ styles can be half the battle toward creating an unforgettable bridal party experience. In that case, why not get your own florist going and save a bundle with flower delivery East Melbourne wide service? But where to begin? After much research and trial and error, we’ve found a few simple steps that will help you get started on the right track with your bouquets and flower delivery.

Tips to Get The Best Flowers for Your Wedding

 1. Determine Your Budget First

This might sound obvious, but many bridezillas get their wedding flowers from florists they’ve never met in person. Before you book a single bouquet, let’s discuss your budget. How much do you have to spend on your wedding flowers? If you know the approximate price of your bouquet and decorations, you can plan your budget accordingly. But if you’re unsure, spend a little time researching average wedding flower costs and see if you can break your budget. If you find that your budget is too tight, don’t worry.

2. Confirm The Theme You Want To Achieve

Once you know how much your wedding flowers will cost, you can start to narrow down your list. Start with a list of must-have wedding flowers, and work your way back from there. By establishing a theme, you’ll be able to find a large number of flower options that best match your wedding colours and themes. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few Starter Bouquet Ideas, you can continue to add on additional options based on your preferences and budget.

3. Work With a Reputed Florist

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When you’re choosing a florist, start with a referral from a friend. Ask them who they’ve worked with and ask for recommendations. If you don’t have any referrals from friends or family, contact several local florists and see what their prices are. Keep in mind that many florists advertise online, so you can usually find a florist near you without having to search high and low. If you’re still unsure who to choose, check out our database of verified florists in your area. Be on the lookout for reviews like “Great place to shop” or “Thoughtfully decorated” to help you make your decision.

4. Clarify Your Delivery Area

Think about the type of wedding you want. Small wedding or destination? Luxury? Traditional? If you’re planning a traditional wedding, you may not need to look far for inspiration. But for a more modern wedding, you may want your bouquet to be modern with a touch of whimsy. Or maybe you just like your bouquets to be simple and elegant. If you’re unsure where to start looking for a qualified florist, start with our database of verified florists in your area. You can also use our questionnaire to search for local florists and receive recommendations for flower delivery East Melbourne-wide service.

 5. Reviews & Ratings

Even if you find a qualified florist, it’s impossible to know if you’ll love the bouquet they send you until you receive it. And that’s why it’s so important to look at reviews and ratings on websites like Facebook and Google. If you’re not willing to spend the time looking through threads on other websites, you can easily save a bundle by purchasing a bouquet online and then simply sending it to the recipient. But remember, you can always save money by bringing your own flowers. So rather than splurging on a complete bouquet that you might not like, why not create a bouquet for your loved one that’s special enough to keep for a lifetime?


Now that you know a little bit about what goes into your wedding bouquet, bridesmaids’ dresses, and mother of the bride’s outfit, you can get started planning your wedding flowers. We hope that this guide helped you get a general idea of how much wedding flowers cost and how you can save money on your wedding flowers with the help of these websites and tips.