How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online on a Shoestring Budget?

The arrival and spread of coronavirus have changed the way businesses operate globally. There is a significant hike in online shopping as people prefer to ‘stay at home’ during the time. With Vision Direct, Buying Glasses Online is a matter of three easy steps.

We can be your one-stop eyewear destination with a range of lenses, sunglasses, and Prescription Glasses Online.

See, how easy the online prescription glasses purchase could be!

Step 1: Keep the prescription handy

Once you decide buying prescription eyeglasses online, you still need to visit the optometrist. The expert can clearly identify the vision problems that you have. They will look into your eye-care needs, make you aware of the technical terms, and write a prescription. Visit any nearby opticians for custom-made eyeglasses as they can determine the exact placement of the lenses.

If you couldn’t come outside due to coronavirus, you can go through Vision Directs’ virtual eye clinic App. You can download it for free on the App Store and Google Play and get the easy prescription.

After getting a prescription, it will become easy to find out the right pair of prescription glasses.

Step 2: Choose the right frame

If you have decided the right frame, you can skip this step and jump onto ordering it online.

Before you order eyeglasses online, look into our top brand eyewear collection like Ray-Ban, Persol, Tom Ford, and Oakley. Avail 70% off on all the new designer frames. Before you pick any eyeglasses, don’t forget to consider these parameters.

  • Frame shape: Consider the face shape before you choose any frame.
  • Frame size: Determine the correct measurements of the face to choose eyeglasses frame size.
  • Frame materials: Choose suitable material among metal, titanium, plastic, and acetate.  
  • Frame colours: After deciding frame shape, size, and materials, you need to choose the right colour.  

Step 3: Fill the prescription, choose the lenses and coatings

Once you decide on the frames, you need to submit the optical prescription. Share your prescriptions manually or upload it in our system and wait for a few seconds for the response. With us, you can decide the lens thickness and materials too. Decide eyeglasses frames shape or take help from our lens index charm to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Choose the anti-scratch coating if you are living an active lifestyle. If you drive a car regularly, purchase of an anti-reflective coating could surely be your eye-care need. While you buy eyeglasses online, don’t forget to double-check insurance, maintenance, shipping, warranties, and returns terms.

In a nutshell,

Have you downloaded the Vision Directs’ virtual eye clinic? Determine the perfect prescription glasses that suit your personality before Buying Glasses Online. Share your Vision Direct online eyewear purchase experience with us.