Fresh! 2020 Trends for Bathroom Renovations

You heard it right folks! 2020 year has begun with some mind-blowing bathroom trends that are elegant, attractive, and intelligently built. So take a glimpse of these trends before you hire the professionals of bathroom renovations Bayswater.

TREND #1. Next-Gen Bathrooms

The whole world is getting tech upgraded so why not our bathrooms? High-tech bathrooms are gaining popularity like nothing else. We have seen automatic lip openers, seat warmers, built deodorizer, and many other things until now. If you think that was amazing, wait till you hear about the latest technology. This year, mini-fridges, smart showers, and automatic sinks will have different vibes. Another trend is the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker system. Voice-activated system for temperature and light, TV installation, and smart mirrors that will talk to you is also heading its way to you. These technologies make bathroom experience more convenient than ever before.

TREND #2. Black is the new Happy Color

We are moving to darker and bold styles this season. People are getting attracted to black more than any other color. The color is popular in vanities, light fixtures, and other fixtures, especially the matte finish. So adding black color to the checklist of your bathroom renovations bayswater is a no brainer.

TREND #3. Vintage Comeback with Gold & Brass

Those who want a pure luxury look to their bathroom can go for gold and brass fixtures. It gives the ultimate vintage look. Gold and brass shades are taking over toilets, sinks, taps, and anything else. No, these are not like your Grandparent’s bathroom brass faucet; in fact, these are new toned gold plumping fixtures that will add a royal look to the bathroom.

TREND #4. Wood Accents are Trendier than ever

The wooden accent is back with a bang. Various shades of wood are compatible with green, white, blue, and some dark colors. Wood accents complement industrial and vintage trends. This look adds a traditional style that will be perfect for a modern and trendy bathroom.

TREND #5. Pretty Pink

Colorful people deserve a popping bathroom. Blush colors will prevail in the bathroom trends this year. Blush color has been a popular wall color for years. Another trend is rose gold. From phones to jewels, this color has flung its charm and now is ready for the bathrooms too.

TREND #6. Comfy Big Bathtub & Open Showers

Don’t waste your big space bathroom. Gigantic bathtubs and open showers will cover the space perfectly. Bigger the bathtub more will be the relaxation. You deserve to restore your mental peace and lying inside a big bathtub with a fine wine in hand is one of the best ways to do it.

Gone are the days when people used to worry about slipping over the edge of a tub. Open showers have allowed people to access the openness and augmented shower space.

Final Words

So, which one did you like the most? Well, all of these trends are worth giving a try.

Give your bathroom a new look with these amazing trends. For complete guidance, you can consult the experts for bathroom or kitchen renovation Bayswater.