Bunding for spill control

General Purpose Spill Kits

Some people might be familiar with the term, bunding and would know that it is a term used for spill prevention and control. However, people might not be aware of different types of bunding or temporary bunding and the different purposes they serve.  You could easily buy Spill kits bunding kits and other safety accessories online, based on the hazardous chemicals that are handled in the facility.

Bunding is a method of containing spills for businesses where hazardous liquids and chemicals are stored. Bunding is like making a wall to prevent liquid spills from spreading. The sides of the wall would act as a barrier and prevent spills from leaking out. The areas are made to handle the largest possible spill that might occur in the area.

Types of Bunding

There are different types of bunding products available in the market. They are, however, made for different applications which require different approaches for installation. The basic function of bunding remains the same which is to contain potential spills.

Bunded palettes

They are palettes that provide the benefit of containing spills. They could be purchased in either 2 or 4 drum configurations with Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and twin IBC. They are used widely for drum and fuel storage. It is considered a secondary spill prevention method. It is an effective approach to spill risk mitigation and is an effective way of keeping workplaces neat and safe. When they are not in use, they could be nested or sacked for efficient storage and transportation.

Rubber floor Bunding

This type of binding suits any application where heavy vehicle movement is necessary to enter the bunded area. It is durable and could withstand heavy treatment over prolonged periods. It could be installed easily and is sold in 5m lengths. The contoured edges it has reduced the chance of being a trip hazard and allow smooth entry for vehicles. Rubber floor burning is good to construct wash bays and other liquid storage areas.

Flexible floor bunding

This style of bunding is mainly done with forklift operators as it springs back into shape after driving over heavy vehicles easily due to the no bounce flex feature. It is as effective as rubber floor bunding but suits well with factories and warehouse applications as it cannot slow down vehicle operators while still offering effective spill containment.

Temporary Bunding

This is also called emergency bund and is a short term solution for leaking equipment or drums. Temporary bund are made of PVC and are easy and fast to assemble. They are generally the less expensive option for spill control but are not considered ideal long-term storage solutions.

Portable bunding

Just like the name, it is ideal for portable applications like temporary storage and is well suited to mining gas and oil applications that are on the move. They are made of heavy-duty PVC by combining reinforced fibreglass battens that offer stability. They are fast, reliable and could be pulled down and folded away which would need minimal storage when not required.