Best Exterior Colours to know Before Hiring Painters

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Are you thinking about hiring Melbourne painters for exterior paint? If yes, there are some famous colours you can’t afford to miss.

We have listed all these colours right below, so let’s explore!

  1. Yellow

A “happy” yellow colour is suitable for any type of home. But, don’t go for a popping yellow colour; attract everyone with a bit pale shade. You can choose to use white on windows, wooden stairs (if there are any), furniture, and railings. This colour is perfect for every season.

  1. Gray

This is a unique and most popular colour. It looks magical when you use grey with an elephant tusk colour. If you are located at a place where it rains more often, go for this combination. It will complement your surrounding and enhance the entire exterior. You can ask the professional Melbourne Painters for more colour combinations with grey to ensure you go for the right paint colours.

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  1. Off-White

Who doesn’t love off-white on their exterior? But, one has to be careful with this colour as it doesn’t go with every type of property. This traditional colour enhances more on brick texture than normal concrete. You can either keep the windows and doors wooden or go for overall off-white as well. In both ways, it looks pretty from the outside.

  1. Wheat

It’s neither white nor yellow. It comes somewhere in-between these two colours. The wheat colour feels both clean and warm. It will go perfectly with grey-blue and dark brown. The entire house will glow tremendously in front of lawn grass. You can go for yellow wall lights to give your place an authentic and luxurious look. Wheat looks amazing during the day but appears magical during the evening.

  1. Light Blue

Whether your home is on the hills or near a seashore, light blue is suitable for both. You can pair light blue with aqua to enhance the entire architecture of your home. Choose Blue Metal color for doors and shutters so that even the tiniest detail complements your entire exterior. If you have a wooden home, this combination is suitable for it in every manner. Place some plan vases to compliment the look and go for blue chairs & table. If you want to install a fan out there, choose blue or aqua colour so that every element matches accurately.

  1. Taupe

Those who want to stay natural in each season should go for taupe. It’s one of the most famous neutral paint colours as it gives that authentic appearance to your building. This colour is suitable for residential as well as corporate properties. If you live in a tropical location, taupe is a no brainer. So go taupe!

  1. Blue Gray

Deep blue-grey gives a serene feeling to your home. White trims give a sleek appearance to any concrete house.

Choose your favourite colour and go for Exterior Painting Melbourne right away!

Wrapping Up

You can’t undo what has been painted on your home exterior and even if you go for it, you might end up going out of budget. So choose the right colours for a breathtaking exterior.