Benefits of knowing your employees backgrounds

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As the owner of a business, one of the last things you want is to find that the employee you just hired lied on their resume. Maybe they have a criminal record. Maybe they didn’t really complete that bachelor’s degree. Whatever the case, you’ve wasted precious time and resources on this individual; now you have to let them go and start the hiring process all over again. Besides that, you feel like a dupe.

This unfortunate scenario occurs far too often. As much as you’d like to trust that applicants are being straight with you, the fact of the matter is there’s a lot of unethical people in every job market, and they’re always looking to take advantage of unsuspecting—or under-resourced—employers. According to one survey, 78% of job applicants deliberately misrepresent themselves.

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Which is why the employment check is such a critical tool to make use of. The prospect of a comprehensive screening alone is oftentimes enough to deter unscrupulous candidates. For those who are still brash enough to make an attempt, a solid employment check will stop them in their tracks.

Below are a few of the specific benefits of running applicants’ names through a background check.

Job qualifications

When people lie on job applications, they usually lie about their education and/or their previous work experience. This makes them appear more qualified for the job than they actually are, giving them a competitive advantage over other applicants with supposedly less impressive credentials.

Without an employment check, you run the risk of overlooking a truly qualified candidate in favor of one that merely seems qualified, but in fact isn’t.

On the other hand, a good employment check will tell you pertinent information about each applicant’s education and work history, which you can cross-check against the details provided on their application.

Identity verification

It’s not unheard of for individuals to apply for jobs under a false identity. There are numerous reasons why someone might do this. They could be running a scam, for example, or perhaps they’re not eligible to work in the country due to undocumented immigration status. Either way, they won’t get very far if you subject them to a background check.

Workplace safety

People who have been convicted of crimes in the past aren’t likely to boast about it on a job application, especially when those crimes involve violence, theft, sexual assault, etc. This creates a very dangerous situation for employers. By unknowingly hiring someone with criminal tendencies, you could be putting your entire workforce at risk.

Moreover, in the event of a violent workplace incident, you may be held liable if it can be shown that you were negligent during the hiring process.

Fortunately, preventing a potential disaster of this sort is as simple as using an employment check to see whether job candidates have been convicted of serious crimes.

Drugs and alcohol

Depending on the nature of your business, an employee with a drug or alcohol addiction can represent a serious hazard. For example, if the job description includes driving or working with machinery, it’s essential to confirm that an applicant doesn’t have a substance abuse problem before you hire them. An employment check that includes a drug test will help you do that.