An In-depth Information About Voice Engine Optimization

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What more to say about this fastest-paced life! Innovation is at a full-speed these days. Sooner or later, the world will completely turn into a digital world. With the increased rates of smartphone users, digitalization has a sharp bottom line. Businesses start shifting to online instead of focusing only on a local store. This is the power of Digital Marketing Melbourne and thus we are here together.

Dealing with those inconstant ranking games is not a piece of cake. Experts need to sweat hard to get the desired result. The big challenge for Digital Marketing Agency is when a search engine changes its algorithm or add new features.

This can become a big challenge as they have to learn about the algorithm, its nature, and according to it, they have to plan a new strategy to win in the ranking game.

Smartphones have opened doors for many possibilities. Previously, users can search via typing the search query into the search box. Now, they need not to type, just speak up and you will get the exact match answers. How?

Now is a time to think about Voice Engine Optimization. There is no need to introduce the latest heartthrob Amazon Alexa that answers every question that you ask just like a human Google.

However, Voice engine optimization is Chatmeter’s trademarked term to complete the voice-based search engine optimization. It includes the content, location, and brand information optimization to increase the power of sharp voice search results.

Bonus information:

Google drives the information by Google Maps, Siri sources the information from Apple Maps, and Amazon Alexa collaborates with Yelp. Moreover, Cortana which is Microsoft computers built-in feature is supported by Bing for the information.

Here we share complete information to plan out a Voice Engine Optimization strategy.

  • Optimization of business listings

It is so much important to keep the business listings clean and the information consistent. It has been recorded that around $10.3 billion are lost because of imperfect listings. Thus, it is important to make sure about business information. 

  • Work for the website speed

This is important for voice search as the users look for immediate results. Moreover, Google has already announced its ‘speed update’ which has enabled the page speed in mobile search ranking. On average, it will take around 15 seconds to load the mobile landing page.

  • Focus on questions to build a new strategy

Around 41% of people who use voice search say it feels like communicating with a human. The users get engaged with the voice-activated speakers as if they were alive. This will require a need to focus on long-tail and conversational keywords instead of shorter ones. It would be better if the strategy planner prepares natural keywords.

  • Provide answers for content strategy

The optimization of featured snippets is just like voice search optimization. Around 40.7% of voice search answers arrive from featured snippets. There should be content with questions & answers to drive conversions. Ensure to update the website content often or add blog posts to increase traffic. All questions should mark up in a proper format like in <h2> headers. You should plan for compelling questions about the services and products for the good result.

Hence, Digital Marketing Melbourne has more to arrive. Just wait for the right time & be prepared to face the challenge with the digital industry.