5 Questions to Ask your Airport Parking Service Provider

Melbourne Airport Parking

When it comes to hiring Melbourne airport parking service provider, asking them questions will help you to understand the level of excellence they provide through their services.

The following are the questions that you must consider asking.

  1. Are they experienced?

One of the biggest questions to ask your airport parking service provider is their experience. An inexperienced parking agency may not provide you up to the mark parking facility and might overlook certain safety aspects. They must know how to handle your car when you are not around and how to park cars systematically to prevent a collision or other damages.

  1. How many cars in the parking right now?

There must not be congested parking as it might damage your vehicle while you or anybody else is parking their vehicle. The parking area must be huge and even if the cars are too many, a certain distance must be managed between them. This is the right way to provide smooth and non-problematic in and out of the vehicles. So ask your service provider how many vehicles are there in the parking area and if the parking area is big.

Melbourne Airport Parking

  1. Do they have 24×7 Surveillance?

This is the major question to ask your Melbourne airport parking service provider. Getting 24×7 surveillance is crucial to keep your vehicle safe during the day as well as night. This will also help you to apply for a claim if any damage is provided to your vehicle by other car owners while parking their car. So ask the service provider for an all-time surveillance facility. Plus, they must have the night-vision cameras so that any attempt of theft can be captured easily without any glitch.       

  1. Do they provide mobile insight into the parking?

In today’s’ mobile era, we want everything on our smartphone. Ask your service provider if they offer on-mobile insight into the parking area so that you can check if your vehicle is safe. This will help you to keep an eye on all the activities of the vehicle and also you will be satisfied by seeing your car safe & sound. All you need to do is just turn on your smartphone and take a deep insight into the view. You can also request for a carwash if your car has become dirty so that when you arrive, your vehicle is ready-to-drive. You can take many other decisions with mobile access to the parking view.

  1. Will they charge for the shuttle service?

Many airport parking companies offer free shuttle services for better client experience and others may charge you if the distance is big between the parking area and airport. Many people don’t ask for it before hiring an airport company. Ask your service provider whether or not they provide free shuttle service. Choose the service provider as per your preference of shuttle service charges. Here one thing is to pay attention to is that not every company that provides a free shuttle service provides a better airport parking facility and not every company that charges for shuttle service provides bad airport parking service. So make your decision after considering everything.

Now hire the best Melbourne airport parking.