What to put in a Baby Gift Hampers to make the perfect New Mum Gifts

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If you know someone who has just had a baby, you’re probably looking for the perfect gift. A baby Gift Hampers can be the best choice because it comes in handy during those early days and weeks as the new mum is adjusting to motherhood. In this article, we’ll look at some great ideas when combined in an adorable hamper or basket, so your friend will have everything she needs to pamper herself and her baby during those first few months of life together.

Home-baked savoury and sweet treats

If you’re wondering what to include in your gift hamper for new parents, think about what they might need or want. A gift basket full of home-baked savoury and sweet treats will be well received by any new mum or dad who has just brought their little one home. Fresh fruit: Tuck some fresh fruit into your Care Packages – baby will love it! While tangerines, bananas and plums are all safe first foods for babies, try making up a little basket of your nutritious selections: clementines with peel (for calcium) and soft apples that can be easily gnawed on are excellent choices. Other healthy options include grapes, mangoes and strawberries.

Gift Hampers

Add sparkling Champagne or her favourite tipple.

Sparkling wine is always a good option, as it will go down well after giving birth and enjoying some ‘me time’. If you don’t know what her favourite tipple is, opt for Champagne – it doesn’t matter if it’s not prosecco or cava! What matters is that it’s delicious and will be enjoyed by all. Add bath products: Many different products are designed to help new mums relax, unwind, and feel fresh when they get into their baths after those all-important postnatal checkups. Herbal infusions, oils, salts and foams are especially popular with new mums. For babies: Babies need clothes, soaps and blankets too.

Scented candles and aromatherapy massage oils

Aromatherapy can be helpful for both mum and baby, so putting some massage oils and candles into your hamper will give her something great to unwind with after bathtime. Try choosing two complementary scents, perhaps one for mum and one for baby. Scented candles help babies sleep by masking some of those pesky unfamiliar smells, while massage oils also help relax new mothers, making it easier for them to cope with those sleepless nights.

Pampering products for the new mum

If you’re looking for ideas for new mum gifts, try choosing a spa gift set with products tailored to specific skin-care concerns. This is an excellent idea if your mom-to-be has mentioned she’s concerned about wrinkles or sagging skin. If that’s not her concern, you can always choose good products, such as body lotion or exfoliating scrubs. You can also get even more creative and include some fun items like bath salts and scented candles. Packaging these items in a basket gives them an extra touch of class that makes it clear you thought long and hard about selecting them just for her.

Her favourite indulgent chocolates

There are few things more enjoyable than delicious chocolate. And when it comes to gifts, chocolates always seem to hit the spot. If you’re looking for the perfect present for a new mum, why not treat her to a hamper of her favourite indulgent chocolates? We’ve put together a selection of some of the best chocolates on the market, so she can enjoy a little luxury while she’s taking care of her new arrival. From artisan truffles to rich dark chocolate, there’s something for everyone in this gift hamper. So why not smile on her face with some delicious chocolate today?