Things you should know if you are planning a north India trip

Travelling is always fun, obviously who doesn’t love to travel but it’s crucial to do proper planning before hitting to any new place. The world is full of beautiful places to explore, India is one of the places where you can be completely chaotic and overwhelmed even if you are already fully prepared. Deciding the flow and proper trip planning can help to prevent unwanted difficulties in future. There are many travel agencies that offer package tours for north India tour and south India tour. Gathering information from relatives and friends who have gone through tours can help to get ideas about new places and other things.

One of the most amazing things about travelling to India is once you get there, you can live with almost nothing on a daily basis. The two biggest costs for your trip are your accommodation and food, which varies greatly from person to person. However, if you pay for these two things, you will find that you can hardly spend on everyday things such as dining, sightseeing, and land transportation. That’s pretty cool. 

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Food / Drink:

Note that the food can vary from place to place so, it can be sometimes tougher and you might not get total satisfaction sometimes. When you are travelling, it’s all about adjusting. Therefore, if you absolutely need three meals a day, or if you tend to eat more, you may want to increase your average a bit. You can eat a combination of casual and nice restaurants, you can also go to average restaurants to get some beer and snacks. 


Many people have a habit of collecting souvenirs to keep as a memory of a place or person. If you are tight with your budget and doesn’t want to spend more amount you can go without souvenirs and other things. It’s okay to skip on things that are not necessary.  


These are the basic essentials, one should never forget. Especially if the trip is for longer days. To prevent health issues, it’s necessary to carry toiletries and basic stuff because in some regions you may not find the important stuff.

Average daily total:

India can be cheaper and expensive depending upon the place you travel to. Carry enough cash in your pocket by considering your lifestyle and basic needs such as food, water, accommodation and other stays. 

Activities / Sightseeing:

This average includes the loaded sightseeing and activity schedules. If you spend more than a day on temples, fortresses, entertainment, etc., you will be very impressed! 

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Land Transport: 

This includes transport by bus, train, and several private cars, all shared by multiple people. Therefore, if you are travelling alone, this average will be higher. Invoices for all restaurants in India have three different charges. This can be very confusing if you don’t understand what it is. Sales tax (VAT) and service tax should always be checked, but service tax is not a service tip, even if it looks good. However, the service fee is an additional amount, the server actually benefits from, and some facilities include it on their invoice, but others do not.


Hope you found the above article useful in planning an India trip, consult the travel agency to know about offers and India tour packages in detail.