Things to look for when choosing Incontinence Underwear for Men


Incontinence is a common problem that happens when there are issues with the muscles and nervous system that help the bladder hold urine. Continence problems are a major hindrance especially for men of all age ranges because it affects them both physically and mentally. Incontinence underwear for men can help them regain their confidence and be as active as they want to. If you are plagued by continence issues, you might be looking to purchase incontinence products to manage your continence issues and improve the quality of your life. So, let’s look at some of the important points that you need to look at while choosing your incontinence underwear.

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Incontinence Level

Understanding your incontinence level is the first step to identifying the best underwear for you. Generally, incontinence can have four absorbent-level categorisations that range from light, moderate, heavy and overnight. Light and moderate level incontinence underwear have limited absorption capability and they are advisable for mild-level incontinence, while heavy and overnight underwear is for people with serious or overnight incontinence problems.

Material & Comfort

Comfort is an important factor when it comes to incontinence underwear. It is important to check whether the incontinence underwear is made of soft and breathable material to allow easy and comfortable wearing. You also need to ensure that it does not trap moisture as it could cause bad odour and irritation. The fit of the underwear also needs to be checked to prevent the risk of leaks. Incontinence underwear that doesn’t fit properly is more likely to cause discomfort and skin issues like sores and rashes.

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Disposable or Reusable

Reusable incontinence underwear has higher upfront costs but they provide value for money in the long run, while disposable underwear is cheaper and easier to use. Both these types support multiple incontinence levels and can hence be used by men with light, moderate, heavy and overnight incontinence problems. One additional fact to note is that reusable products are more eco-friendly as they don’t need to be disposed of after each use.

Usage Options

Incontinence underwear, especially for men, come in different shapes and sizes. So, it is important to choose and buy one that fits your usage criteria. If you are an active person who socialises, bulky bariatric underwear might not be the best option as they might restrict movement and cause discomfort. Similarly, light and form-fitting underwear will not be the right fit for bedridden or sick people with heavy incontinence issues. So, it is important to be aware of the options and find the one that suits your lifestyle the most.


There you go, these four important tips will help you choose the right incontinence underwear. If you have more doubts or if you are looking for help with regards to purchasing incontinence products, you can reach out to Confidenceclub. You can also browse and choose the right underwear from their vast portfolio. Click here to shop now.