Mediation: The Best Way to Discuss Prenuptial Agreements as a Couple

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If you’re about to tie the knot, one of the first things on your to-do list should be to sit down with your partner and discuss your prenuptial agreement with the help of a Family Lawyer in Melbourne. When both parties know what they’re getting into before they tie the knot, both can rest easy knowing that they’ve negotiated an agreement that works best for them both financially. If you don’t have a lawyer present to help you and your partner discuss these issues, then how can you trust that both of you are getting what you want?

Learn how to meditate with each other

If you and your future spouse are getting close to pulling off a commitment for life, it’s time for you both to speak with an experienced family lawyer in Melbourne. Family law is not just about divorces and child custody cases – prenuptial agreements can help couples understand how they will separate financial assets should things not work out between them down the road. It may be tempting to sign one of these documents without any legal representation or at least consultation with your significant other, but while agreeing upon who gets what and how that all comes together is part of getting married, if one of you or both has concerns or hesitations, then they could very well be valid. These concerns need to be addressed before two people spend years together only for money matters later bring them into court.

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Set aside time to talk

You don’t need to hire a family lawyer in Melbourne or sign prenuptial agreements right away. But by setting aside time every few months—without distractions—to discuss your relationship and finances, you can work through any problems before they arise. A certified Family Lawyer Melbourne can be helpful for these conversations because he or she is legally required to remain objective and will help you both make fair decisions about how your property should be divided.

Write down your thoughts and feelings on paper before talking.

When you’re working through a major issue with your partner, it’s tempting to try and hash things out in real-time. For example, if you and your spouse are trying to decide how you should split up all of your assets during divorce proceedings, it’s easy to start arguing. But just because you’re sitting in front of each other doesn’t mean that communication is taking place. If anything, discussions like these can exacerbate problems by making couples feel even more frustrated with each other than they did before they started talking. Sometimes what helps is getting everything down on paper ahead of time—either in writing or through meditation—before coming together face-to-face.

Choose what you want from the contract instead of what you don’t want

One of my favourite parts about prenuptial agreements is that they can shift your mindset from deciding what you don’t want in a marriage to creating an understanding of what you do want. I think when it comes down to it, most couples get married because they believe they’ve found someone who can provide them with something they could not find on their own. For example, two people may marry each other because they feel like their partner is providing something that will help them succeed professionally. Or perhaps two people may feel like marrying each other because their spouse-to-be has been able to provide financial stability and security after years of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Be open-minded about compromise.

Preparing for marriage means you should understand and be open-minded about compromise, especially when it comes to prenuptial agreements. Think of your partner first in these discussions – remember that you’re going into marriage wanting it to last and understanding that circumstances can change from now until forever. You both want what’s best for one another, so consider discussing options together instead of taking sides on each point. Your Family Lawyer Melbourne will be able to discuss prenuptial agreements with you, offering great legal counsel and helping both of you make informed decisions about your future together.