How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger and More Extravagant

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When you’re short on space in the kitchen, it’s tempting to want to go all out with all of your countertops, cabinetry and appliances from kitchen suppliers in Melbourne. But oversized kitchens can feel cluttered and cramped when they’re actually smaller than normal. Instead, try these tips for creating a luxurious small kitchen that actually feels larger:

Think light.

Lighting is a great way to make a small kitchen feel larger. Natural light is ideal, but if that’s not an option, use lighting fixtures with unobtrusive bulbs. If possible, choose lighting that can be adjusted and dimmed—this will help keep your energy bill low while keeping the room bright enough for cooking and cleaning.

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For example:

  • Use recessed lights instead of overhead fixtures so you won’t have to sacrifice ceiling height or space on top of your cabinets. Recessed lights are also more efficient than most other types of lighting because they don’t lose heat through the open lampshade (which means they need less power).
  • Pick neutral colours like white or grey for your walls so their presence doesn’t compete with any bolder accents you may introduce into the space later on down the road (like artwork). If you’re going to paint, then stick with shades from within this range so nothing clashes!

Consider the flooring.

If you want to make your small kitchen feel larger, consider a flooring material that’s more forgiving than wood. Tile, cork and stone are all great options for adding comfort to both feet and eyes.

The colour of your floor is also important. Consider the colours of the cabinets, countertops and other materials in your home before choosing a wall colour or painting technique that will complement it. The same goes for surfaces: light-coloured floors can work well with darker countertops, while dark floors pair nicely with lighter cabinetry or wall colours. And then there’s the texture—you don’t have to go overboard with this one (we’re talking about small kitchens here), but some tile patterns can really add an exciting element to any space where they’re used!

Build up, not out.

One way to make your small kitchen feel larger is by building up, not out. To create the illusion of more space and openness, create a wall of shelving at eye level or above. Use a variety of heights, materials and colours to add interest and depth. Use different shapes and sizes as well as glass and other transparent materials that let the light shine through; this creates the feeling that there’s more room in your kitchen than there really is.

Combine different textures (wood veneer with metal) or patterns (flowers on wallpaper next to striped curtains). Or use wall-mounted shelves rather than freestanding ones; they take up less visual space while still adding height to the room—and if you have trouble finding enough counter space without adding another table to your cramped kitchen, then mounting some overhang cabinets may be just what you need!

Choose open shelving.

Open shelves in a small kitchen can help create the illusion of additional space. They allow you to see all of the contents in one glance, which gives you more control over what’s stored where and how it’s arranged. This is especially helpful if you don’t have much cabinet storage space, so having items such as bowls or baking dishes out on open shelving will make your kitchen look less cluttered and help keep things organized.

Open shelving also makes it easy to see what types of foods are stocked in each cabinet—and this helps eliminate confusion when preparing meals by making sure that all necessary ingredients are at hand. If you find yourself constantly running out of vinegar while cooking dinner (or whatever else), then maybe it’s time to move it up onto an open shelf so that everyone knows where they can find it!


We hope that after reading this article, you feel more confident about the potential of your small kitchen. We understand that it can be a struggle to fit everything in and make it work for your needs, but when we get creative with our space and put some effort into making it feel bigger than it really is with the help of kitchen suppliers Melbourne, there’s no telling how much we can achieve! Now go on an adventure to find inspiration for your own unique small-but-mighty kitchen!