How To Choose The Best Home Loan Tenure?

Low Deposit Home Loans

The most important decision that you take in the home loan process is deciding on the tenure of your home loan. The impact of your decision will go on for years to come. If you are repaying a mortgage, then you might be doing it for the next 20-25 years or more; therefore, an informed choice is essential. If you are planning for a home loan with little money, then low Deposit Home Loans can be a good option.

What are the financial outlay that you might face in the near future?

If you are planning to buy a house in the near future, you need to consider the financial outlays that you might face in the near future. For example, if you want to buy a house after 1 year, then choose one year tenure.

Should your home loan tenure be in line with your retirement age or the children higher education?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. All factors should be considered before taking a decision on how long to stay in a particular mortgage product.

Low Deposit Home Loans

How much will you need to save for retirement? 

If you are planning to retire at 60 years of age, then it makes sense for you to consider a mortgage tenure that ends by then. But if your retirement age is 70 years, then it may not make sense for you to opt for a 30-year term loan as well!

How much will you need to save for children’s education? 

The same logic applies here too! If your child goes into engineering after completing their graduation from college, then he/she could take up an engineering job by the time he/she turns 27 years old and gets married at 30 years old (or even younger). So there might not be any requirement of extra funds when they start working as engineers or doctors etc., unlike other professions where people work till their late 50s and even early 60s before retiring with enough pension corpus built up over years through investments made during their working life span.

Consider all factors when deciding on the home loan tenure

While deciding on a home loan tenure, it is important to consider all factors. Make sure you are comfortable with the loan and the monthly repayment amount. Make sure you are also comfortable with the interest rate charged by your bank and how it can change over time, as well as any applicable fees associated with your home loan such as upfront or annual charges for personal loans and credit cards (if applicable).

When selecting a home loan tenure, keep in mind that shorter terms may offer lower rates but also require higher monthly repayments than longer terms. Conversely, longer terms often result in lower monthly repayments but generally cost more overall because of higher interest rates for longer periods of time.


In conclusion, the best home loan tenure is dependent on your financial status and goals. Low Deposit Home Loans are helpful for people with low bank balances. You must evaluate all the above factors and understand their impact on your finances before making a decision. If you choose the right tenure with proper assistance from a financial advisor, you can plan for a debt-free life where you will be better placed to meet all your current and emerging financial needs.