How Timber Flooring Trends Have Evolved Over The Ages?

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Timber flooring has long been a trusted choice for residential and commercial premises alike. It is a versatile product that can be used in many different ways, making it an ideal solution for all types of property developments. However, there are hundreds of options available on the market, and choosing the right product for your needs can seem daunting!

In this article we will discuss how trends have evolved over time as well as provide some tips to help you select the perfect wood flooring option for any room. Consult the professional timber flooring suppliers Melbourne city to choose the best quality timber that is long-lasting!

Timber flooring has long been a trusted choice for residential and commercial premises alike. Timber floors are durable, beautiful, and versatile. They can be used in a range of settings, from residential to commercial premises, with the right installation and maintenance.

A beautiful finish that will last – Timber flooring is available in natural or engineered options that can complement any interior design style or theme. Natural hardwood has an aged appearance and rich color tones that add warmth to any room or space.

Engineered boards offer more uniformity than solid timber with no knots or other imperfections (which may be preferred depending on your tastes). Both types come in a variety of styles including scotch pine, kiln-dried oak, and walnut amongst others. This makes them perfect for various types of projects such as renovations and renovations where you want something classic yet modern at the same time!

How Timber Flooring Trends Have Evolved?

  • Timber has been used for flooring in various parts of the world.

Timber flooring has been used for flooring in various parts of the world. It is used in a variety of styles, types and locations. In some cases it is used as an alternative to other types of flooring such as carpet, stone or vinyl.

  • It was often used as a way to showcase ones wealth.

Timber flooring was often used as a way to showcase ones wealth. It was a status symbol, and it showed that you had the influence and power to create an interior space that was both luxurious and comfortable. In fact, timber floors were only used in homes of the rich, or by those who wanted to show off their wealth by displaying beautiful timbers on their floors.

  • The timber used had different qualities depending on the species and the age of the wood.

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When it comes to timber flooring, there are many different types of wood to choose from. Timber can be graded according to its quality and the age of the timber is also important as this will impact on your choice. It’s not just the age of reclaimed timber that makes it so desirable – older trees have a much higher density, making them more durable and resistant to moisture.

Timber flooring is often made from wood that has been reclaimed from old buildings or other sources such as railway sleepers (sometimes known as ‘trestle’ flooring), which were originally used by railways in Britain during the 19th century but are now mainly used for garden decking because they’re lightweight and can be installed easily by DIY enthusiasts with no specialist skills required!

Over time, competing products such as stone, marble and tiled floors gained popularity.

As time went by, timber floors began to lose its popularity. Competitors such as stone and marble gained ground and became more popular than timber flooring in residential properties. However, timber flooring has remained the most sought after choice for commercial establishments like shopping malls or offices which require durability and affordability in their premises.

As these products were more expensive and elaborate, they became equated with luxury and elegance. They were often used to showcase wealth. The value of the timber depended on the species, the quality of the wood and the age of the wood.

Timber floors are being used again in various interior design styles. They are being used in modern, contemporary and rustic designs. Timber floors also form the basis of industrial and minimalist designs as well.


A beautiful and durable wooden floor is the perfect accompaniment to any interior design style, be it modern or rustic. The natural colors found in wood are easily complimented by contemporary furniture, while traditional styles benefit from the aged look that timber flooring provides. If you are looking to renovate your home, then why not consider installing a new timber floor?