Why Glass Balustrade Stairs are the Perfect Modern Home Solution?

As more and more people choose modern designs to decorate their homes, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing glass balustrade stairs to give their homes a contemporary and stylish look. Not only do these stairs look great, but they’re also safer than other types of stairs that can leave you with an ugly or unsafe impression of your home. Glass balustrade stairs are the perfect modern home solution because they look great, are easier to clean, and are safer than other types of staircases.

Reasons to replace your old wooden staircases with glass balustrades

wooden staircases are not very modern and, if we talk about safety, a whole different issue comes up. They can easily catch fire when not properly maintained and they may be unstable. Although they have been used for years as a basic home construction material in residential architecture all over Europe and North America, their time has ended. Today, glass balustrades stairs offer many advantages over traditional wooden staircases that once made them look like better alternative, however outdated these days.

Glass Balustrade Stairs

Safety first

Installing glass balustrades is a great way to increase safety, improve functionality and add style to your home. Glass balustrades can be installed on both interior and exterior stairs, such as ones leading from your backyard pool to a back door or up from a basement staircase into your kitchen. They work well in modern, minimalist homes where there is an emphasis on open floor plans. You can also use them for poolsides where people have to come in and out of patios when swimming or drying off.

Minimal cleaning and maintenance

A home with glass balustrade stairs is easy to keep clean and tidy. Aside from sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and some light window cleaning, you’ll spend very little time taking care of your home’s stairs. In fact, they will likely remain in great condition for years before any sort of restoration or replacement is needed. If you opt for a more traditional wood staircase design, you will likely spend a lot of time on regular cleaning and routine maintenance duties.


Contemporary and modern homes have many more uses for stairs than traditional homes, as they can often be used for storage or provide access to a basement, attic or terrace. Whether you’re dealing with small steps up to your garage or large glass balustrades on a staircase leading from the upper floor to your living room, glass is a great way to add extra space without feeling claustrophobic. Additionally, glass railings are perfect for people who suffer from vertigo; by using them in place of metal railings you can create a safe environment that doesn’t make you feel like you might fall at any moment.