Best Prams Australia – How to Find the Best Stroller for Your Baby

best prams australia

No doubt that when you become a parent, you become more safe and health-conscious about your little one. From clothes to his pram, you want to get everything best. And when it comes to talking about choosing the best prams Australia, you should be careful and make important considerations.

If you choose the wrong pram for your baby, you will end up sweating up a storm trying to get from one point to another. Therefore, if you have become a parent for the first time and do not know how to find the best stroller for your baby, then this article is mainly designed for you. 

In this guide, we have listed some useful features as well as a few important safety tips that will help you to choose the right model for your little one:

Newborn suitable:

There are many strollers available today that can be used from the birth of a baby to the time until he weighs around 15 to 20kgs. Also, there are some pram models that come with bassinet attachments instead of conventional seats. These bassinets can be then swapped out for seats when your baby grows.

On the other hand, some models come with a reclining seat that can become flat that let you lay the seat flat and then safely carry your infant. This type of seat can be adjusted over time. Therefore, you should choose the one that best suits your newborn.


It is best to look for the stroller’s swivel front wheels as it makes maneuvering easy and effortless. But it would be great if you also consider the wheel locking feature, as this feature will allow you to lock the wheels’ swivelling while travelling at higher speeds or over uneven terrain.

And if you are living in a home where stairs are the way to enter your home, then you should consider large wheels as they will help you on stairs. In addition, if there is no hurdle in your way where you are living, you can go for inflatable wheels as it provides a comfier ride. Thus, while choosing a pram, you must tug at wheels to make sure they don’t come off. 


While purchasing one for your baby, you must consider the folding and unfolding feature of the pram. You should try these features in the shop in order to see if you can carry it easily or not when it is in folded mode.

Also, size does matter when you have to travel with your baby in a car; therefore, you should confirm that it fits your car boot without the need of removing its wheels. So if you are buying a pram for your newborn, you should ensure that it suits your baby size.


While you try to push the handle, you should get an idea of how well the brake locks of the pram works by applying the brake. It would be great if the rear brakes link so that the left and right brakes would be locked easily with a single action.

Some models also come with front brakes. While purchasing a stroller, you should make sure that the locks you can activate and release with the help of your feet must fit under your feet easily.


Straps are also important to check while you are purchasing a pram. You should ensure that it does not come off from the frame.

Five-point harness:

Make sure the pram includes five-point harnesses as it is important in terms of safety features. In addition, check that the pram has two shoulder straps, a crotch strap, and a waist strap with the facility of adjustability as your baby grows.

Although these are not a complete set of features, including in a pram, as there are many more to check, these are some of the most crucial features that you should check while buying one of the best prams Australia.